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Rosteria Luciano



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The restaurant is located in the center of Bologna, a few steps from the “Two Towers” and “Piazza Maggiore”, near the train station and only 15 minutes from Airport “Guglielmo Marconi” .

Set in a late nineteenth century building the local was born in the late ’40s as rotisserie managed by Mr Francesco Franceschi. He soon took over, however Luciano Draghetti, internationally renowned chefs, who made ​​the restaurant one of the finest of Bologna.



Through another takeover you get up to 1995 when the current owners, the spouses Annarosa and Renato Bicocchi acquire the business by shareholders Bianchini and Gianella bringing in “Rosteria” their professionalism and their experience .


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our cuisine

Cucina Bolognese

Ricette Tradizionali




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our Cuisine

For over fifty years Rosteria Luciano serves its customers with the best dishes of Bolognese tradition .

The homemade pasta is the basis of all the pasta dishes like tagliatelle , tortellini , tortelloni . For appetizers we must not forget certain typical mortadella , ham , or the delicious ham from Zibello . Among the main courses you can mention the most delicious fried mixed vegetables and fruits rich in meat and typical Bolognese cutlet . Finally it is compulsory to taste the crispy meringues and homemade by Chef Annarosa.


‘Buon Ricordo’ restaurant

Unione dei

Ristoranti del



a 'Buon Ricordo' restaurant

Since 1964 bearer of the best regional Italian cuisine

That of ‘Unione dei ristoranti del Buon Ricordo’ is a long history , established and glorious . A group of quality restaurants with the aim of restoring the reputation and prestige of the many local expressions of traditional Italian cuisine . It was the spring of 1964. Who was associated assumed the commitment to practice a range of typical local cuisine and always keep in Menu, every day of the year , ” a specialty ” which was to be the most rigorous and exemplary representation .

Unione ristoranti del Buon Ricordo


the wine cellar

the wine cellar




our wine cellar

Our cellar can count a vast concept also of national and international labels . It starts from the typical local wines such as Sangiovese or Lambrusco to get to Chianti or Brunellos of Tuscany to the most important wines of Piedmont and Friuli.

In the darkness of the cellar, alongside contemporary labels, vintage wines are also buried the curious can explore and taste


Press Review

always at your service

Press Review


Press Review

always at your service

For over fifty years Rosteria Luciano serves its customers with the best dishes of Bolognese tradition .

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